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Economic Development

Promoting economic development and business training are priorities for PRP in combating the chronic poverty of the Malagasy people.  People Reaching People is actively working to ensure sustainable solutions to the problem of slow or stunted economic growth. To do this, Todd and Patsy work with Churches to develop agriculture and animal husbandry businesses that will provide valuable financial resources to the parishes, bring in volunteers to teach women business skills and handicrafts, and facilitate bringing goods to market.



Days for Girls Workshop 2016


The Diocese has a full-time Director of Economic Development, Gasthé Alphonse, to lead a strategic effort of multiple projects in micro-enterprise and other job-creating activities, and a full-time assistant coordinator of the Women’s Center at Andranomena, Chretienne Ralisoa.



Gasthé building a Tippy Tap, for washing of hands, at Amboasary

























The Days for Girls Enterprise we established in Toliara is now able to sell online via the main Days for Girls website: Kit Request Form  This means that overseas visitors to Madagascar can buy kits in advance ready to distribute to local women and girls, and local people can order directly in ariary.  We are one of 4 micro-enterprises to reach this stage so far!  Thanks be to God for enabling us to achieve this so quickly!