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Message from Bishop Leo Frade

Dear Sisters and Brothers:


I've always said that if it is  not on CNN or Fox News it doesn't exist. It is a sad reality of the world that we live in today where some horrible news is highlighted and others remain obscured and ignored.


That is the case of Cyclone (Hurricane) Haruna that hit the island of Madagascar last Friday February 22. We would have never known about it, but we have two of our clergy in that area. Bishop Todd McGregor that has been elected recently to head the new diocese of Toliara in Madagascar begun his ministry in the poorest area of Madagascar and all of his work is now under water. His parishioners are scrambling for safety seeking higher places to avoid drowning. His clergy and parishioners have lost their furniture, clothes and all their possessions.


I know the desperation that he may feel now as I had to live Hurricane Mitch in 1998 when I was the Bishop of Honduras. It was only your help and prayers that came from the American church that kept us alive and allowed us to resurrect. Luckily for me CNN picked it up and people realized what was going on.


I want to be CNN for you and ask you to consider making a special offering to help our Companion Diocese of Toliara in Madagascar. Let's rescue them from desperation and hunger. Please ask for a special collection from your congregation to help the people of Toliara in the Indian Ocean part of the African Anglican Community, our sisters and brothers in Christ.


Your donation may be sent payable to the Diocese of Southeast Florida, 525 NE 15th Street, Miami, FL 33132. Please earmark for Diocese of Toliara.




 +Leo Frade

Bishop of Southeast Florida 


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