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PRP Board



2017 Annual Board Meeting: Kevin Wenzel, Back – Lydia Corbett, Joyce Fletcher, Patsy McGregor, Lynne Curtis, Corbi Sandoe, Todd McGregor Front: Will & Cheryl Harman, Clark Curtis, Sonja Egeland, John Griffin, Shane Egeland

2017-18 Board of Directors  (not shown: Simon & Sue Babbs, Ed McNamara, Paul Simmons). 

With a growing ministry and a desire to help transform lives through mission not only in Madagascar but throughout the world, Patsy and Todd gathered twelve of their friends in 2007 to ask for help. That original meeting helped define the vision and mission for an organization to help support evangelism, education and economic development in East Africa as well as a means and outlet to engage people who were unable to travel to the “ends of the earth” but desired to be transformed by outreach.

During 2008, People Reaching People, Inc. was established as a non-profit entity with an Executive Board appointed.

Current board members are:

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd A. McGregor (Toliara, Madagascar)   President
  • Joyce Fletcher (Wheaton, IL) Vice President
  • John Griffin (Dorset, England)   Vice President
  • Simon Babbs  (Northfield, IL)   Treasurer
  • Kevin Wenzel (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)   Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Patricia McGregor (Toliara, Madagascar)
  • Sue Babbs (Northfield, IL)
  • Lydia Corbett (Oxford, England)
  • Clark Curtis (Mechanicville, NY)
  • Lynne Curtis (Mechanicville, NY)
  • Cheryl Harman  (Delray Beach) Fl 
  • Will Harman (Delray Beach, Fl)
  • Ed McNamara (Norwood, NY)
  • Corbi Sandoe (Atlanta, GA)
  • Paul Simmons (Chaville, France) 

To support the McGregors in their ministry, the Board meets annually and convenes with regularly scheduled conference calls, committee meetings and work sessions.

Thank you to past board members who have served on our Board: Glynis Bristow, (Cranbrook, England), Craig Cole (Fairfax, VA), Rev. Jackie Cray (Kent, England), Louise Curry, (Glenview, IL), Terry Davidson (Nairobi, Kenya), Lori & Randy Degler (Boca Raton, FL), Paul Egeland (Batavia, IL), Cindy Fay (Westerville, OH), Barb & Phil Johnson (Knoxville, TN), Shane & Sonja Kelly (Washington DC),  Heather Loftis (Frisco, TX), Andrei & Shelley Ostric (Grand Haven, MI), R. Scott Purdy (Chicago, IL), John Schoff, (Rolling Meadows, IL), Graham Smith (Jerusalem, Israel), Syd & Laura Verinder (Schertz, TX) and Betsy Wenzel (Boca Raton, FL)