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Another McGregor update from Toliara.

Another McGregor update from Toliara.
The city has been without electricity for three days now and a majority of the 
lines are down all over the city. Most likely power will continue to be off for 
several days.  Good thing the Malagasy are still used to cooking with charcoal! 
Water came back after 48 hours. We are sending this from a friends hotel (the 
Hyppocamp) as Anita has invited us over for dinner to share news, exchange 
stories and help put an American guest at ease. We prepared this group email 
before hand and then sent it at her place as she has a generator. We are still 
able to check individual emails at this point so please understand if we have 
not gotten back to you.  Please pass this on to others as we are depending upon 
you all to pass the word.
We drove around parts of the town which were passable yesterday and today and 
have seen a lot of damage and a great deal of flooding. The dike broke and the 
north side of the town is underwater from the stadium. That explains why our 
Ambohitsabo church is under water. The priest was checking it early yesterday 
morning when he heard someone running, and blowing a whistle, telling everybody 
to run, for the dike broke and water was coming. Thinking he had a few more 
minutes, he continued checking the church, only to realize that it was coming 
much faster than he realized. Grabbing his bicycle in one hand, Rev. Noely 
helped a woman with her young baby with the other, forming a chain to get to 
safety, watching his shoes float away. 
The same priest was leading a baptismal service today in  Andranomena, on the 
south side of town and six miles from this church. During the service someone 
came running to say the water which broke the dike was now coming into one of 
the parishioners homes. Several people left the church service to help assist 
the newly baptized church member evacuate her things which she had just put into 
her fathers house yesterday because her house had gone down in the cyclone. 
Th president of Ankilifaly church has water up to his chest in his home because 
of the same incident of the dike breaking.  We have not yet heard from our 
Administrator, but she lives on that part of the city and we are concerned that 
her home has undergone a lot of damage as well. These are only some of the 
stories of what is happening here in Toliara.
We are still trying to schedule a flight for Patsy to Mauritius. We are hoping 
she is able to go on Tuesday and will keep you posted.
Thank you for keeping all of us in your prayers. If you know of any relief 
agencies which might able to give assistance and aide, please contact them on 
our behalf.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd A. McGregor
Assistant bishop of Antananarivo 
Area bishop of Toliara