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Team in Madagascar

clergy archbishop Ian, Todd, Jaona feb 10 2013Todd and Patsy McGregor have a great team of clergy with whom they work including Rev. Noeli, Rev. Donne, Rev. Victor, Rev. Lova, Rev. Hery and Rev. Theodore. In addition, there are several evangelists and student evangelists who help to carry the gospel to the far ends of southern Madagascar, and many catechists who lead services and train the people in living a Christian life.



Bishop Todd & Rev. Lova (Morondava, 2016)



Rev. Noeli (Ankilifaly), Rev. Hery (Sakaraha), Bishop Todd & Rev. Patsy


Rev. Hery (Sakaraha) and Rev. Noeli (Ankilifaly)















Diocesan staff include Florette (administrator),  Thierry (accountant) and  Chretienne (assistant coordinator of the Women’s Center).


Thierry, Florette and Gasthe (former economic development coordinator)